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New Bronze Flower Sculpture by Tim Cotterill

Sunburst, Tim Cotterill’s stunning bronze tableau, illuminates nature’s synergy and the dramatic effects created by a sudden burst of sunlight emerging through a break in the clouds. This exciting low-editioned sculpture, incorporating FROGMAN’s iconic elements, clearly affirms Tim Cotterill’s mastery of his medium and his favoured subject matter.


Edition Size: 50

SRP £6,075

14.75″ x 9″ x 19″

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Sailing boat paintings in a modern elegant style

New original paintings from David James in his unique distinctive style.

He currently lives in Sussex on the coast, within reach of the South Downs. He is married to an artist and has three children. Much of the inspiration for his work is drawn from the Lake District, Devon and Cornwall, and the Welsh Countryside. David has exhibited his works at the Royal Academy and in leading provincial galleries. 

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Very distinctive and colourful originals

Ewa Czarniecka’s work lies somewhere between Abstract and Impressionism, gesturing at shapes and figures while capturing light and reflections with loose brush strokes. Her work is often heavily textured with bright colours and demonstrates fantastic depth.

Ewa enjoys the creativity of playing with what people can see. She strives to capture the feeling in that moment rather than the literal reality, for her this is a massively liberating and emotional experience. 

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Original all action paintings of sailing boats

Simon Wright was born in West Yorkshire in 1974. From as early as he can remember, he has always been drawing and painting, and it’s been his sole passion all his life.

After gaining a degree as an illustrator he began to realize he enjoyed more fine art painting as it didn’t have the restraints of illustrative work. Through this he gained success by painting animals, particularly dogs, he also started to do more portraiture work.

In his work he try’s to bring the elements of illustration and fine art together to hopefully create a style, which is totally unique and appeals to a varied audience.

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The New Spring Collection of Iconic Art

The new Spring Collection 2024 from JJ Adams. The latest original artworks, hand-embellished exclusives & fine art additions to the artist’s sell-out portfolio consists of a wide variation of themes, mediums & styles that really offers something for everyone. From the highly collectable  “Tattoo Icon” series of artworks, to the much loved & sought after “mini-series” limited-editions, such as the “Rule Britannia” & “Dirty Disney” selections – plus some interesting new themes to mix things up !

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