Coming soon ! The new range of mini Edge Sculptures.

This new range of miniature sculptures features small scale replicas of the popular Lion, Wolf, Turtle, Venus, Gorilla and Horse sculptures. They have been designed to fit in the palm of your hand ! Presented in an individual gift box these delightful sculptures are expected to be available in July 2024.
You can reserve your favourite now with a deposit of £10 and pay the balance of £60 for free delivery when we have them in stock.

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Master of Spoof Chris Chapman and his unique limited editions

Chris Chapman is well known for painting in the style and technique of famous artists and including an observer or character viewing a picture as though in a gallery. These are often with a comical twist and include artists such as Jason Pillock, Fraud Monet, Mandy Warhol, Vincent Van Earoff and LS Lowryish etc

His paintings have been exhibited widely in a number of selected galleries including the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

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Beautiful colourful sailing boat paintings

Superb original paintings from Spanish artist Cortes. He has developed an impressionist style, with a range of very neutral and elegant colours that create an atmosphere in his intimate paintings. More recently, Cortes has brought his technique into a bolder, brighter and more contemporary genre of sailing – full of energy and dynamism.

He has participated in collective and private exhibitions, obtaining great admiration for the way he handles oil paint, a favourite material and that very few landscape painters manage to master with the simplicity which he shows.

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New Bronze Flower Sculpture by Tim Cotterill

Sunburst, Tim Cotterill’s stunning bronze tableau, illuminates nature’s synergy and the dramatic effects created by a sudden burst of sunlight emerging through a break in the clouds. This exciting low-editioned sculpture, incorporating FROGMAN’s iconic elements, clearly affirms Tim Cotterill’s mastery of his medium and his favoured subject matter.


Edition Size: 50

SRP £6,075

14.75″ x 9″ x 19″

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Sailing boat paintings in a modern elegant style

New original paintings from David James in his unique distinctive style.

He currently lives in Sussex on the coast, within reach of the South Downs. He is married to an artist and has three children. Much of the inspiration for his work is drawn from the Lake District, Devon and Cornwall, and the Welsh Countryside. David has exhibited his works at the Royal Academy and in leading provincial galleries. 

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Very distinctive and colourful originals

Ewa Czarniecka’s work lies somewhere between Abstract and Impressionism, gesturing at shapes and figures while capturing light and reflections with loose brush strokes. Her work is often heavily textured with bright colours and demonstrates fantastic depth.

Ewa enjoys the creativity of playing with what people can see. She strives to capture the feeling in that moment rather than the literal reality, for her this is a massively liberating and emotional experience. 

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