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The New Spring Collection of Iconic Art

The new Spring Collection 2024 from JJ Adams. The latest original artworks, hand-embellished exclusives & fine art additions to the artist’s sell-out portfolio consists of a wide variation of themes, mediums & styles that really offers something for everyone. From the highly collectable  “Tattoo Icon” series of artworks, to the much loved & sought after “mini-series” limited-editions, such as the “Rule Britannia” & “Dirty Disney” selections – plus some interesting new themes to mix things up !

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Strong Women and Colourful Dockland Characters

Terry Bradley was born in Belfast in 1965. His early life was spent growing up just off the notorious Shankill Road where his mother tried to keep him inside and away from the “Troubles” outside their front door.

He creates iconic pictures exploring the voyeuristic side of his nature that he first discovered as a child observing the dangerous world around him.  His work mostly centres on strong women and ex models in Dublin and more recently Paris. His latest work is inspired by the era of the Belle Époque in France and the contrasts and similarities with the Burlesque dancers of New York.

He has also recently started exploring the colourful characters from the Belfast dockland area know as Sailortown. At its heyday 100years ago the dock workers were famous around the world for their hard drinking and hard working attitude. Bradley finds that these paintings now balance the world of burlesque women that he paints.

Bradley is married with three children and lives and works in Ireland.

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A limited edition picture inspired by a true story

Sean Durkin’s limited editions of The Art of the Thief, as in all his work, depicts figures of both a robber and a policeman.

This is in recognition of his father who in 1972, stole a painting from Middlesbrough Art Gallery by renowned Manchester artist LS Lowry.

The painting was of St Hilda’s Church and Middlesbrough’s old Town Hall – and he then demanded the Mayor raffle his underpants for charity to secure the painting’s safe return.

When he was arrested by police after the theft, he had a ransom letter calling for art galleries to be opened on Sundays “to allow the working man to get some culture”.

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New Contemporary Art Collection from Ghosts

Hailing from South Wales, Ghost is a unique collaborative project which takes two artists – Jake and Sam – and combines their skills to create incredible works of modern & contemporary art.​

These new artist’s relatively unassuming brand is a breath of fresh air in a saturated market place, offering impactful artworks that are statement pieces wherever they are displayed.

This new collection – Urban Vandal – of hand embellished limited editions offer a vibrancy and eye-catching style that will ensure they stand out in any room.

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The new Britannia Collection of iconic limited editions

Introducing Britannia, a captivating duo of studio edition canvas prints by the renowned artist Robert Mars. In this vibrant and dynamic collection, Mars skilfully brings together some of Britain’s most iconic pop culture moments, capturing their essence with his distinctive vintage style. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for capturing the spirit of an era, Britannia is a delightful homage to the cultural tapestry of the United Kingdom.

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The Spring Collection of innovative imagery from Michelle Mackie

The superb new “Spring ’23 Collection” adds worthy additions to the highly unique and exclusive portfolio of relatively new artist Michelle Mackie. Michelle’s works transcend a variety of themes and studies with stunning detail and use of colour.

Michelle is also known as Dolly and is a self-taught photographer, digital artist and visual story teller. It is with these tools that Michelle has been able to explore her own psyche, recreating forgotten joys and life’s loves, whilst vanquishing past tragedies and trauma.

I’m forever daydreaming, and I get to create some of what goes on in my busy little head for all to see

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