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New playful sculptures of characters

Introducing Leigh Lambert’s debut sculpture collection, an eagerly awaited release that signifies a milestone in his artistic journey.  Featuring two enchanting resin editions, these playful sculptures capture the essence of Leigh’s distinctive style, providing a tactile and whimsical experience.

The collection brings Leigh’s beloved characters to life in a captivating three-dimensional form. This new artistic venture allows for an intimate exploration of familiar faces that have resonated with audiences in his previous works, infusing them with a fresh vibrancy.

Can You Make Mine A Flake?

Limited Edition Sculpture

Size: 23 x 14.2 x 15.8cm Edition: 195 £495

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Driving Licence Please Sir!

Limited Edition Sculpture

Size: 23 x 14.2 x 15.8cm Edition: 195 £495

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From Leigh Lambert Pride of Britain is a celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Leigh Lambert has often been referred to as a painter of nostalgic and sentimental images. Taking inspiration from his own childhood in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, his work evokes fond memories and commemorates wonderful moments in time. In his latest limited edition, Pride of Britain, Leigh captures the spectacle of the British street party, the collaborative celebration of a community rejoicing together on a special occasion.

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Pride of Britain – A Limited Edition of 95, Framed in Black to 55 x 67 cm, Cost £ 395

Likened to the work of L.S. Lowry, Leigh’s artwork records the nuances of everyday life in a wistful portrayal of human activity and enjoyment on populous streets. People move about lovingly observed in the moment, with a sense constant human interaction that is familiar, timeless, and universal.

Adopting a stylised realism, Leigh’s technique is painstakingly accurate. He prefers the surface on which he paints to be solid and smooth, and consequently he primes his board six times to achieve the desired finish. Consequently, the surface of his oil paintings is exceptionally refined. He works in layers, beginning with the sky, painting from the background to the foreground. His use of colour is minimal, optimistically applying splashes of colour only to the figures that play amidst the otherwise monochromatic landscapes. This vibrancy of colour captures the mood of joy and vitality and often denotes symbolism in the work.

Leigh first began winning awards for his work in 2014 and has enjoyed an extraordinarily successful career to date, with countless limited editions collections sold out within weeks of release. His original paintings are highly sought-after, and due to the technique that he employs they are quite a rarity. For Leigh, he hopes that his work has impact on the viewer and enriches their lives by stirring up positive, nostalgic feelings and memories. To have his work in pride of place in someone’s home is a huge privilege and he simply “couldn’t wish for better!”

New limited editions from Leigh Lambert in nostalgic scenes from his childhood.

Leigh Lambert is an accomplished artist across a range of media, most commonly working in oils on board. His use of colour is minimal, optimistically applying splashes only to the figures that play amidst the otherwise monochromatic landscapes, capturing the joy and vitality of his youth.

It was on leaving Newcastle that he began to appreciate the nature of his upbringing; what he had once seen as a concrete jungle now seeming strangely beautiful. Taking inspiration from his childhood, Lamberts pieces have a strong sense of nostalgia, evoking fond memories of a youth that many can relate to.

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On The Cobbles

On The Cobbles is an iconic release from Leigh Lambert in collaboration with ITV Studios to celebrate Coronation Street’s 60th Anniversary. 

On The Cobbles



As life on the cobbles races towards celebrating its sixth decade, ITV Studios is proud to reveal Newcastle artist Leigh Lambert’s iconic artwork illustrating life ‘On the Cobbles’ over the decades. 

The main image sees Coronation Street recreated in Leigh’s signature style and dusted with ghosts of the past alongside figures of the present.   Nods to well-loved characters are identifiable amidst the infamous cobbles and smoky chimneys, both showing the beating heart of Tony Warren’s idea about a ‘little back street in Salford’ which became the longest running continuing drama in the world.

Reflecting on creating the images Leigh says: “It was a real honour to be invited to produce such a momentous tribute.  Visiting the set earlier this year I got to experience the real sense of history these iconic buildings and cobbles have and it’s obvious how the endless list of characters who have ‘lived’ in them and walked on them are permanently in the great British psyche. 

Being part of ‘Corrie’s 60th is really exciting and a true honour, I hope everybody enjoys seeing the pictures as much as I have creating them”.

Steve Watling, Controller of Operations for Games, Live and Merchandising at ITV said;

“We’re delighted to collaborate with Leigh on these fabulous works of art which I am sure will be hugely popular with all our Coronation Street fans.  Leigh’s an incredibly collectable artist and we’re excited to see this celebration of ‘Corrie’s 60th become a part of art history – as well as giving fans of the show the chance to own a little part of Corrie history”. 

Always There for Us – a limited edition in support of the NHS

Leigh Lambert has created this special hand signed limited edition picture called “Always There For Us” . Its a message of love to all the inspirational NHS workers who are putting themselves on the line to keep us all safe during these difficult times. To show our support, we are joining forces with Leigh Lambert, to raise money for the amazing NHS Charities Together. 

Always There For Us

Always There For Us will be released on 6th May and is available for pre-order now. It is available as either a paper or canvas version, both in limited editions of 111..

Limited Edition by Leigh Lambert
Image Size 30 x 30 cm
Framed On Paper to 65 x 65 cm overall Buy Now
Framed On Canvas to 52 x 52 cm overall Buy Now

We will donate 10 % of the purchase price for each picture sold to NHS Charities Together. You can Read More About their Work here.

Always There For Us on Canvas
Always There For Us on Paper