The Frogman Collection is a unique range of limited edition bronze frog sculptures from Leicester born, Tim Cotterill, also known as The Frogman. Priced from £ 168 upwards and from a few inches in size, these beautifully hand crafted sculptures with a jewel-like patina are highly sought after by collectors.Bronze sculptures by the FrogmanAs a Platinum Gallery and authorised representative in Cornwall and the surrounding counties ; we are delighted to be able to present these captivating, colourful and expressive figures so more people can appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship of Tim Cotterill.

We would encourage you to visit us at Quay Art in Padstow to appreciate these stunning sculptures.  We have approximately 150 sculptures on display at anytime from the complete range available.

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Bronze Frogs Authorised Dealer and Platinum Gallery

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