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New Art “End of the Beginning”

Winston Churchill’s famous line is the title of this tribute painting to him by well known artist, Paul Oz.

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Paul Oz has been commissioned by Instituto Ayrton Senna, The RPA, Team Sky, Jenson Button, Max Chilton, Sir Alex Ferguson, Theo Paphitis, James Hunts family, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Red Bull, Pirelli, Jake Humphrey, Wretch32 and JLS’s Aston among others…. and partnered with galleries, charitable organisations, leading rights holders and motorsport teams worldwide. He is the official licensed artist to James Hunt, Bruce Lee, Star Trek, Denis the Menace, Ali, Mr Men and Little Miss, Thunderbirds – and others who cannot be named !

About 10 years ago when browsing galleries for something bright to adorn the walls of a plain white new build flat and saying ‘I could do that….’ has turned out to be a seminal Oz moment. The ensuing experiments with a 4 pack of acrylics, and quickly rediscovered skill of making a subjectively attractive looking mess, has for sure been a turning point. Painting at weekends as a break from software brand development, my first solo show was in 2008, and I thought I was balancing things pretty well. However…. since focusing on painting full time early 2009, its all gone a little nuts….

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Unique hand embellished limited editions from Andrei Protsouk

Andrei Protsouk was born in the Ukraine and graduated from the Lugansk State School of Fine Art in 1981 followed by a Masters Degree awarded to him in 1990 by the Repine Academy of Fine Arts. Andrei is one of the most talented artist’s of his publisher’s stable. His traditional and classic education gives him the confidence to create in whichever direction he desires.

While his style is beautiful and unique, he also has the ability to paint and draw in the classic form. Indeed, his early sketch books of life form could well be mistaken for those of another well known artist, Michaelangelo. He has an artistic ability that delights.

Andrei, who currently resides in the USA, has exhibited throughout the world and is one of our most popular and successful artists.

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Bond …. James Bond. A new limited edition from Ben Jeffrey.

Ben Jeffery continues to celebrate British culture of the last century with an iconic new studio edition commemorating 60 years of James Bond.

The work represents an extraordinary homage to one of the most successful and enduring film franchises of all time and captures the transformation of 007 over the last sixty years, and the various chapters of the much-loved narrative. Assembling his cast of 007s against the quintessential Bond backdrop of the London skyline, Ben has represented each incarnation in their iconic attire, and captured the attitude and poise that every version has emanated in their own unique way.

Whilst striving to achieve a strong likeness, Ben endeavours to capture the personality of the character in his portraiture, embracing the individuality that each Bond has brought to the table! Ben renders these familiar faces somehow unfamiliar with his unusual colour palette and striking silver leaf embellishment. This leaf is applied by hand to each edition, which offers a uniqueness to every piece, and suggests a sense of wealth afforded by his subjects.  Ben’s innovative approach brings something completely new to his representations of key figures of popular culture and sets them apart from those of his contemporaries.

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Morning Sun is a stunning dune picture from Simon Kenevan

Now in the gallery, super large stunning limited editions from Simon Kenevan.

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Since an early age, growing up on the coast of southern England, Simon has long realised a profound love of the sea. From the barefoot boy running through the foam, to the vibrant young man working on fishing boats, the need to be near, within sight, earshot, smell, has always been apparent.

The time of his enlightenment was during the first year of working a small fishing boat alone. Out at first light, pulling the boat across the sand to the shore, rowing through the breaking waves, out into deeper water against winds and tide. Feeling the first touch of the sun’s warmth cutting through the pre-dawn chill. Every kind of weather, every kind of light, all conspiring to create a universe of wordless poetry inside.

Now, with over 25 years of experience, Simon Kenevan has found his vocabulary, via pigment and paper, brush and canvas. Working with pastels, and oils, precious moments are relived through the creative process. Each subsequent painting has its own resonance, unique to each and every viewer.His passion lies between the waters, the tides, the sky, the weather; the narrow band where all elements come together, each one a factor in the behaviour of another. Forever changing, no two moments ever the same, Simon feels the scale and the timelessness to his core, evoking a welcome level of humility, and a powerful sense of place. In Simon’s words, “I was born to be near the ocean.


The latest limited editions from the Women With Attitude series from Natalie Dyer

Born in England and living in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and New Zealand during her early childhood, Natalie finally settled in Sydney, Australia. She has good memories of growing up in these very different environments – including her memories of the family’s pet monkey “Chippy” while in Kenya, Africa. Natalie had a love for animals and while growing up spent many hours sketching the things she loved. ”The ever-so-popular “Women with Attitude” series continues to give viewers a smile, a giggle or a laugh as they frequently identify with images that depict what women love to do in today’s fast-paced life.

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From Leigh Lambert Pride of Britain is a celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Leigh Lambert has often been referred to as a painter of nostalgic and sentimental images. Taking inspiration from his own childhood in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, his work evokes fond memories and commemorates wonderful moments in time. In his latest limited edition, Pride of Britain, Leigh captures the spectacle of the British street party, the collaborative celebration of a community rejoicing together on a special occasion.

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Pride of Britain – A Limited Edition of 95, Framed in Black to 55 x 67 cm, Cost £ 395

Likened to the work of L.S. Lowry, Leigh’s artwork records the nuances of everyday life in a wistful portrayal of human activity and enjoyment on populous streets. People move about lovingly observed in the moment, with a sense constant human interaction that is familiar, timeless, and universal.

Adopting a stylised realism, Leigh’s technique is painstakingly accurate. He prefers the surface on which he paints to be solid and smooth, and consequently he primes his board six times to achieve the desired finish. Consequently, the surface of his oil paintings is exceptionally refined. He works in layers, beginning with the sky, painting from the background to the foreground. His use of colour is minimal, optimistically applying splashes of colour only to the figures that play amidst the otherwise monochromatic landscapes. This vibrancy of colour captures the mood of joy and vitality and often denotes symbolism in the work.

Leigh first began winning awards for his work in 2014 and has enjoyed an extraordinarily successful career to date, with countless limited editions collections sold out within weeks of release. His original paintings are highly sought-after, and due to the technique that he employs they are quite a rarity. For Leigh, he hopes that his work has impact on the viewer and enriches their lives by stirring up positive, nostalgic feelings and memories. To have his work in pride of place in someone’s home is a huge privilege and he simply “couldn’t wish for better!”

Time Line – a new surreal limited edition from Alberto Martinez

Time Line – Time Is Of The Essence

Alberto’s new limited edition imagines a world that works in better synchronicity with itself ; a place in perpetual movement, going in all directions.  As he says .. Given the importance of life as we know it, I’ve given many of the characters a water background with both sea and freshwater fish joined together in unison, sharing space with no sense of hierarchy.

Within this picture there are elements of clockwork mechanisms, Omega speedmaster being a favourite of mine, as well as being the watch used by most astronauts, cementing both the concept and deception of time. This clockwork detail frames part of the station structure both visually and metaphorically, as well as posters on the ceiling serving as a reminder of the struggles that we have had and may continue to have during our relationship with the natural world.

This picture is meant to be a colourful and lively homage to a time where we live in better harmony with all living things, hopefully in the near future.

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