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Bond …. James Bond. A new limited edition from Ben Jeffrey.

Ben Jeffery continues to celebrate British culture of the last century with an iconic new studio edition commemorating 60 years of James Bond.

The work represents an extraordinary homage to one of the most successful and enduring film franchises of all time and captures the transformation of 007 over the last sixty years, and the various chapters of the much-loved narrative. Assembling his cast of 007s against the quintessential Bond backdrop of the London skyline, Ben has represented each incarnation in their iconic attire, and captured the attitude and poise that every version has emanated in their own unique way.

Whilst striving to achieve a strong likeness, Ben endeavours to capture the personality of the character in his portraiture, embracing the individuality that each Bond has brought to the table! Ben renders these familiar faces somehow unfamiliar with his unusual colour palette and striking silver leaf embellishment. This leaf is applied by hand to each edition, which offers a uniqueness to every piece, and suggests a sense of wealth afforded by his subjects.  Ben’s innovative approach brings something completely new to his representations of key figures of popular culture and sets them apart from those of his contemporaries.

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