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Songs For Summer is the new limited edition collection from the very talented Sam Wolfe

Songs For Summer” represents a fun and eclectic mix of the artists favourite old and new song lyrics & titles that have been cleverly used in conjunction with her satirical mixed media portraits. This new collection features two  sizes of limited editions with a deluxe version of just 10 and a standard edition of 25 of each image.

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About Sam Wolfe

“I would best describe myself as a creative designer with a passion for music and the arts. Growing up in the Garden of England (Kent), I was always happiest spending time at my grandparent’s beautiful, thatched cottage, where my sister and I would watch and join in with my grandad, painting for fun. As talented as my Grandad was as an oil painter, my finger painting was always the prize winner!

My grandmother was the piano player in the family and taught me all I ever need to know about music from the age of 4. Playing piano is a passion and something that’s always stayed with me as a link to my past and my upbringing and although I’ve attempted to write songs & music before, it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

Further education escaped me somewhat, however an interest in graphic design led me to my first job that really opened my eyes to the mixed media processes that are at our fingertips to create art that’s only truly limited by your own imagination. My interests led me to experiment with so many different styles and mediums over many months and I’ve certainly found creating art to be the best and most productive distraction from day-to-day existence whenever there’s time.

My eagerness to create artworks that are relevant to me personally, has always been the most important part of anything I can conceive and design. Chance would have it that my most recent artworks that I was able to spend time on through the first Covid Lockdown also really sparked interest from my friends and family and is what I’ve really enjoyed producing the most to date. My attempts at combining my love of both art and music really lit the fire underneath my passion for wanting to evolve and become an artist in the more traditional sense of the word.”