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Ceramic mixed media art work for the wall

Unique and distinctive 3 dimensional art work from Grace Oliver. Located in the Midlands, Grace is a contemporary mixed media artist. Her passion lies in crafting intricately textured and three-dimensional artwork

Grace’s art exhibits a strong sculptural essence, heavily inspired by forms of nature and organic textures. A large portion of artwork draws inspiration from coastal landscapes and the vast, underwater world. Childhood trips to the seaside instilled in her a love for the sea, shells and textures formed by these coastal wonders.

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Summer Harbours are unique ceramic sculptures from Alison Jones

A new range of ceramic sculptures are now available in the gallery only and feature harbour scenes hand crafted in exquisite detail by Alison Jones.


More About Alison

I gained my B.A Honours in Ceramics at Camberwell College of Art in London. Since graduating in 1996 I have set up a purpose built ceramic studio at home in Abingdon, South Oxfordshire. My work incorporates both sculptural and functional forms. This includes figurative work, garden pots, vases and recent Venetian and Cornwall inspired three dimensional pieces. All my work derives from my love of drawing. No two pieces are identical as all my work is hand built. I combine making with teaching children and adults of all ages and abilities, in a wide variety of places.