Shelton Pottery

Ken and Valerie Shelton produce all their own pottery with Ken making them by hand and Valerie decorating them. Each piece is unique and made individually.

The pots are made with fine white earthenware fired in the kiln to over 1100 C, which makes them into a ceramic “biscuit”. The pot is then decorated freehand with underglaze colours and a transparent glaze is applied and the pot fired again in the kiln. The finished pot has a bright clear glaze that secures the colour and develops the richness of the painting.

Valerie trained in Fashion and Textiles at Brighton and Bristol Colleges of Art which is reflected in her understanding of colour. Her work often features abstract designs with rich mixtures and subtle shades of colour applied with great care and precision.

Ken studied at the West of England College of Art and learned his pottery skills in Bristol, London and Stoke-on-Trent. In addition to his pottery, he is also a technical consultant for the country’s leading craft pottery kiln maker.

They are both elected Professional Members of the prestigious Craft Potters Association since 1998. Shelton Pottery has been widely exhibited and is sold internationally as well as throughout the UK.


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