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The Ted Collection

The Ted Collection is a lovely new range of original paintings by Michael Abrams in a unique and contemporary simple style.

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The Ted Collection of Original Paintings by Michael Abrams

In a world desperately in search of hope and happiness, Ted and his friends take you back to a bygone age, to escape in nostalgia and a return to a simpler time. Whilst the backgrounds are rendered in sepia tones, giving a sensitivity to each painting, Ted and his friends are lovingly painted in complimentary rich earth colours that give the paintings a unique and instantly recognisable look.

Although Ted’s life has many humorous moments, it is also deeply emotive and the paintings often feature a message of hope as part of their design. The world of Ted offers something we don’t often get in real life – a chance to travel to an age of innocence. An idyllic world that many of us wish we could go back to, a time of simplicity and love.